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    Northwest High Voltage Services
Lightning Bolt


  • Project management
  • Relay coordination studies
  • Arc flash evaluation
  • Lightning protection studies
  • Predictive maintenance studies
  • Substation equipment condition evaluation
Lightning Bolt

Protection & Control

  • Installation, commissioning, testing & maintenance of protective relays and control equipment
Lightning Bolt

Substation Equipment

  • Installation, commissioning, testing & maintenance of power transformers, circuit breakers, switch and circuit switchers and station battery banks & chargers.
  • Bus and Cable AC/DC high potential testing
  • Infrared inspection


Facility: PacifiCorp | Weston Substation

›› Commissioned 69kV/12kV 25MVA transformer.

Facility: PacifiCorp | Weston Substation
Tests included Doble power factor, DC insulation, transformer turns ratio (TTR), ct testing, sweep frequency response analysis, sudden pressure, cooling system functional test, oil quality, diffused gas analysis (DGA) and alarm verification.


Kyle Carter

Kyle Carter


Kyle Carter has worked in and around high power facilities – especially substations - for two decades.

After earning a BSEE from the University of Illinois in 1998, Kyle served as an IBEW Journeyman Substation Technician/Electrician, Meter Relay Technician and Substation Wireman on his way to a Professional Electrical Engineer certification in Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

Kyle gained experience working with both big (Ameren and Pacific Power) utilities and small (Chugach Electrical Association and Homer Electrical Association) power providers before firing up his own Northwest High Voltage Services two years ago to do commissioning, installation and maintenance of protection and control systems.

Call: 509.987.3774
Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter


Jennifer Carter has a broad technical background that makes of her the ultimate detail tracker. In the lab, the office or the field, she brings an Auditor’s mindset to the field of technology. That ensures that projects go precisely as planned, with outcomes that are thoroughly documented

Call: 509.240.6797

Shane Elmer

Substation Wireman Foreman

Shane Elmer has a very practical technical background, having spent 13 years as a Substation Wireman Foreman.


Erik Ilten

Senior Technician


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